Google Glass may include spatial gestures

Google Glass may include spatial gestures

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A bit more information about Google Glass has been uncovered by a reddit user fodawim. Digging deep into the code for the MyGlass, the Google Glass companion app, fodawim found code that points to the possibility of spatial gestures and winking to take pictures. Some of the highlights from the code include EYE_GESTURES_WINK, HEAD_GESTURES, and BROWSER_TWO_FINGER_ZOOM. There’s even a screencast option, which will be handy for business users.

Although the code is interesting, there’s a chance that none of it will actually make it into the final product. Gesture controls make sense since Google Glass doesn’t include any traditional methods of interacting with the device beyond voice and a small touch sensitive strip. holding your hand up to pinch and zoom makes sense but winking to take a picture seems a bit gimmicky. Google engineers will have to work hard to stop regular blinking from showing up as false positives.

Google-Glass spatial gestures

Users have been uncovering more information about Google Glass over the last few weeks. Last week, Android Police found a possible Google gaming service for Android users in the code for the MyGlass app. Glass is far from a mainstream product so many of these leaks about features could just be Google experimenting with what’s possible before deciding what should and shouldn’t be included in the final version of Glass.

Source: The Next Web | fodawim (reddit)
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